Friday, May 30, 2008

Bristol Roundup

Okay yes, this is supercrazy late. In all fairness though, I came back to MA evaluations and a photography exhibition (looked awsome, and we had 800 people through over the long weekend, so that's all good!)

Anyway! Obviously, I met loads of fabulous talented people at Bristol, so I definitely needed to post some links. Go look at at least some of them, otherwise you'll be missing out!

Firstly, I somehow ended up in the most awesome corner of the whole hall. Yes I did.

For starters, I had Caroline Parkinson as my tablemate, who brought her some gorgeous new work. Check out her recently redesigned site!

Then on the one side, we had as neighbours the amazing trio of Jamie McKelvie, Marc Ellerby and John Cei Douglas! (I missed picking up a copy of John's gorgeous minicomic Buffalo Roots, but he was kind enough to send one to me! It's beautifully done)

What's more, on the other side, I had Thomas Plaskitt, whose work is some of the most thoughtful and inventive I have ever seen, ever. It will be to your detriment if you don't check out his work. I came home with a copy of his minicomic Dreams, which is packed with surprises and oddities - it's seriously a wonderland.

Moving on from this fabulous little corner of the world I ended up in, I had as my roommate the lovely Blossom, and got to see some of her new work - exciting stuff!

A couple of minicomics I picked up that I really enjoy:
If you want breakfast in bed eat in the kitchen, by Cliodhna Lyons
Hazy Thursday by Oliver Smith

Also lovely to see some Emma and Sonia from Sweatdrop, to (briefly) meet the very talented Kate Brown, (also briefly) meet the Geek Syndicate guys,  and to see the very cool John Aggs and meet illustrator David Andrews

Had a lovely chat with Yosh from Yokaj Studio. Also, couldn't help doodling on one of their doll templates for their onsite Yokaj Doll contest, which won and has been turned into an adorable icon on their bbs. Go look, it's cute ^_^

Oh! And finally, for something that is not comics (gasp!), go check out The Polaroid Press, Matthew Sheret's art and writing project featuring weekly updates of polaroid art and flash fiction. Gorgeous site design and earthyy, atmospheric writing.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Little Thoughts - MiniComic preview!

Okay, here we go! This is the minicomic I'll be bringing to Bristol with me. It's 24 pages, and features four short stories - Tango, Joined, Either/Or and Distance. Here's a sneak peak at the cover, and the first two pages of Tango.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bristol poster

Okay people, Bristol con is next weekend! If you're there, come and say hi - I'll be very findable because this monstrosity will be attached to my table somewhere in poster size! Worth checking out the full size version to hunt for monsters, birds, ghosts and guitars!

PS - Don't forget to vote for Geek-Girl in Small Press Idol - voting is still open this weekend! Scroll down to previous two posts for voting links and instructions!