Sunday, December 21, 2008

Atomic Sheep Christmas Story!

Yay, I can now announce this! I've hooked up with Markosia to put out an online serial, Atomic Sheep, which will be published on It's a really nice readable platform, and will allow me to update several pages at a time fortnightly, which suits my style better than page-at-a-time. The actual serial will be starting in the new year, and as an introduction, there's a short Christmas story available now!
Hope you enjoy it, and come back to read more when the serial starts! ^_^
Clicke here for the comic!

Christmas gifts!

Been a while! Busyness has been happening. Now that's it's Christmassy and I can breathe a bit, doing a little giftart. First pic is Ella from Emma Vieceli's Dragon Heir, and second is Juliet from Katherine Holden's FanDanGo (check them out!); third is an original gift for someone.