Monday, April 21, 2008

News post

So Bristol International Comic Expo is almost here! If you happen to be there, do come and find me - I'll be sharing a table with the very talented Caroline Parkinson.
Sneak peaks at what I'll be bringing will be cropping up here over the next couple of weeks.

In other news, I'll be having a photography exhibition, Now and Then: The Wirksworth Regeneration Project,  at the end of May in conjunction with the Wirksworth Heritage Centre, combining new photos with archive material. I'll post sample photos here sometime during May.

And finally, I've been helping out with some colours on the character art for Geek Girl, which has moved on to Round 2 at Dimestore Productions' Small Press Idol. Check it out here, and, should you be so inclined, support it when voting opens! 


aqws said...

I'll be there, lurking about. I'll definitely come check out your table. I want to talk to Caroline Parkinson too about a gig I recommended her for aaaaages ago. Bristol's going to be fun this year, I can smell it. :)

sally said...

Yay! Look forward to seeing you there. Being my first time there, I shall certainly be expecting it to deliver some good times ^_^

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