Saturday, June 21, 2008

Either/Or and Refugee Week

Hey all,
this past week was Refugee Week, which saw a lot of fantastic events around the UK getting people connected and motivated, and fostering education and understanding and all that good stuff ^_^
On Friday I went down to Loughborough University for a seminar on Women and Migration, which had a nice mix of policy and art-related groups present.

I thought it might be appropriate to post one of the stories from Little Thoughts (my mini-comic) - and if you're in London btw there are a few copies at Gosh at the moment! (Go! Buy! ^_^)

Refugee Action is a great group, so check out their website to learn more, keep up to date, and get ideas on what you can do to help. Their Refugee Awareness Project booklets ("Make Your Neighbourhood Nicer: How to Welcome Refugees and Asylum Seekers in 11 Easy Steps" and "Mobiles, Money and Mayhem: The Facts and Fibs About Asylum") are also gorgeous pieces of design as physical booklets, and are downloadable on their site.

Extra note: in the latest Geek Syndicate podcast (85) ( there's a very very lovely little review of Little Thoughts, which totally made my day. Thanks David! ^_^

Oh yeah, final note - trying "normal" sized text (above) - even though I think the "small" (here) makes the blog much nicer looking as a whole, wondering if people are less inclined to read small text. Thoughts?

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